Using Lync to achieve your servicedesk SLA’s

Improve your first reply time and your customer satisfaction!

Is your team having troubles achieving the Service Level Agreement (= SLA) targets concerning first reply time? Do you want to improve your customer satisfaction? Then you’ve come to the right place! Customers expect everything to go faster and faster. Not only the quality of the first reply is important, providing it in a timely manner is too. Thats how our Customer Service Bot can help you.

The results speak for themselves

At Orbit One we wanted to improve our first reply time so we developed the customer service bot. In the graph below you can see how many tickets we received, that got a warning concerning the first reply time. A warning means that a ticket is almost about to exceed a SLA target regarding first reply time. The results speak for themselves. Since we started using our Customer Service Bot, the amount of warnings we received for tickets that were about to exceed the SLA went down with approximately 80%!

Graph of tickets first-reply time SLA warnings(1)

Can our customer service bot help you?

Are you using Microsoft Lync and Zendesk? Then we have a free out of the box solution for you! If you are using another ticketing system (JIRA, Freshdesk, hesk, kayako, etc…) please contact to see if we can help you.

How does it work?

Normally you have to check Zendesk manually every x minutes/hours to see if a new ticket has been created by a customer. Thanks to our customer service bot this belongs to the past! The customer service bot sends instant messages to inform you when something happens that requires action.

Zendesk integration

We use Zendesk views to get the tickets for different scenario’s. This means you can decide what the definition of a “new ticket” or “ticket without first reply” is. The agent and management groups are configurable in Zendesk, so you can decide who will get alerts. For more information, please download the application and read the documentation that comes with it.

Lync integration

The Lync api is used to send instant messages and start group conversations.

New tickets scenario

Below is a simplified version of the new tickets flow to give you a quick overview. As you can see, the bot sends an instant message from the moment a new ticket arrives.

  • The bot checks for new tickets every minute
  • If the responsible person is not available on Lync it starts a group conversation with the agents


This is a screenshot of what such a message looks like



First reply scenario

There is also the scenario where an agent forgets to reply to a ticket even if the initial message was delivered. For this scenario we invented the “first reply scenario”.

    • If a ticket has no first reply for too long, our bot will remind you that you need to respond

    • When you answer yes but forget to reply within a (configurable) given period of time it will remind you again.
    • If you don’t respond, the entire team will be notified




All configuration parameters can be managed in the configuration editor that comes with the customer service bot installation.




  • Highly configurable windows service

  • Service is extensible

  • Written in .NET

  • Integrates with Zendesk and Lync


  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, windows server 2008 + with .NET 4 installed

  • Lync server 2013

  • Zendesk

  • UCMA 4

For more information, please download the application and read the documentation that comes with it.

Orbit One offers the Lync Customer Service bot for free. You can download it yourself via our website. The Customer Service bot is a great example of our own Lync developments and Communication Enabled Business Processes.



Would you like help with the installation and configuration as well, or do you want custom adjustments? At Orbit One, we can help you with this (prepaid service).

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