Translators manage 50,000 jobs per year themselves

Logo YamagataIn the very competitive translation industry, unnecessary manual work eats at the profits. For translation agency Yamagata Europe, automation is therefore essential in order to guarantee efficiency and quality at a competitive price.


That is why we have developed the Suppliers’ Net: an online application which links more than 750 translators from all around the world to over 45,000 translation jobs. Everyone can always request the status of a translation, a payment or check availability.


Translators are given access to Suppliers’ Net following individual screening. We manage their own profile and specify what languages they speak, what software they work with, what their specialist areas are, their rates and their availability.


Based on this information, translation jobs are allocated to the right translators. The translation is then processed by the software that checks whether all texts have been translated and which translation libraries were used. The invoicing and payments are also done through Yamagata’s Suppliers’ Net.


Suppliers’ Net is custom software developed in Microsoft .Net.

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Op 09/05/2014 door Nicolas Van Geluwe

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