Orbit One gives customers access to Lync through Microsoft Technology Adoption Program


Orbit One has recently been selected as Belgian partner for Lync developments within Microsoft’s Lync Developer Technology Adoption Program (TAP). This means that we can already test and expand on the new possibilities of future Lync versions in our own environment and that of the customer.


That is good news, and not only for us - because we can get to work with extra integration possibilities sooner - but also for our customers. Up to a year before the official launch, we can already anticipate the future Lync version in our own developments. Companies who come to us for customised Lync activities can jump on the bandwagon of our developments. In consultation with Microsoft, it is possible to start a pilot project so that our customers can start using the new technology straight after the launch.


The future of Lync

Within the Lync Developer TAP, we can work with the second version of the development software that allows Lync communication to be integrated into every application, browser or device. In addition to all of the functions for presence and instant messaging (chat), audio and video streaming is now also possible, as well as screen sharing via the browser or a mobile device, called “jLync”. An example of jLync can be seen in this video from 34:10, where doctors chat online via a video screen that is integrated into a medical website. New possibilities like these bring us closer to Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP). The Orbit One team is already very enthusiastic about testing these in practice.


TAP screenshot

Lync Chat & Presence Widget

You may know Orbit One from the Lync Chat & Presence Widget, which integrates the Lync chat function into your website so that the visitors can chat with your internal employees online via Lync. We are currently working on an upgrade that uses the new possibilities in UCWA v2. It will therefore be possible to start a video call with the sales service or technical support from a website with one click, for example.


Looking for help?

Want to use Microsoft Lync in your organisation but don’t know how to go about it? As a software developer and specialist, Orbit One is in a perfect position to offer you guidance in the area of IT infrastructure. We do much more than just installing a package: we connect Lync to your existing environment and we integrate it into your business processes and applications. You can also come to us for training courses.

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