Monitor the build status for your VSO and TFS projects with our Buildscreen.

View the latest builds from your Visual Studio online and Team Foundation Server projects.

Wouldn’t it be easy if you had a visual summary of all your projects? Our build screen is a useful and easy way to display an organized overview of the build statuses of your projects.

Those of you who are familiar with Visual Studio Online (VSO) or Team Foundation Server (TFS), know that keeping tabs on current projects isn’t an easy task. Each page has to be visited separately, this is a very time-consuming process. At Orbit One a desktop application was used to simplify this. The lack of a VSO implementation and the dated user-interface convinced us to write our own build screen as a web application. This web application has several advantages: setup is one-time process, making it readily available for everyone to use. Furthermore, it’s accessible on every device with a modern browser, this way everyone can take advantage of the application anytime, anywhere. The interface has been designed to be user-friendly, with time-saving features.


The need for a new build screen

A build screen is a tool used to view the status of the most recent projects at a glance. This way, everyone can stay on top of the latest developments, an indispensable feature in a work-environment that uses continuous integration. This allows for an immediate understanding of which projects are having problems or need more attention.

The previous build screen used at Orbit One was the Team Build Screen (, but it came with many limitations. The UI was hard to read, there was only a Team Foundation Server implementation and it had to be installed as a desktop application.

With this new build screen, we tried to tackle the major issues present in the Team Build Screen. We offer a responsive web application that with an out-of-the-box implementation for both Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online.

Supported statuses

  • Green: a succeeded build
  • Red: a failed build
  • Purple: a stopped build
  • Cyan: a not yet started build
  • Blue: currently building
  • Yellow: a build with failed tests

When a project fails to build successfully, a circle is displayed with additional information. Clicking on this circle will lead to a report of the concerning build. This allows for swift assessment of the problem without losing valuable time.


You can perform a simple search operation in the navigation bar, this will search on builddefinition name and on team project name. If you want to have a more advanced filter you can enable advanced filter, click on the "filter options" option and a modal will appear. In this modal you can type in the Team Project Name or the Buildname of the builds you want see, this list is complementary (OR relation). On the bottom of this modal you can filter the builds by age, for example you will only see the builds of the last month. This feature is subtractive to the previous two (AND relation).



The configuration page makes it easy to add a Visual Studio Online or Team Foundation Server account. Just fill in a name of choice, the server URL, a VSO/TFS username and password and that's it.


  • Don't forget, to be able to use a VSO account, you have to enable alternate credentials!
  • Because of the authentication requirements of Team Foundation Server, the TFS implementation only works On Premise!


  • Visual Studio Online
    • Must enable alternate credentials
  • Team Foundation Server
    • Tested on TFS 2012 Update 3, TFS 2013.
    • Must be hosted On Premise
  • Browsers, tested on:
    • IE 9+
    • Chrome 29+
    • Firefox 24+
    • Opera 21+
    • Safari 7+
    • Android Browser 4.2+
    • Windows Phone Browser 8.1
    • Safari for iPhone 7+
    • These versions support all functionality, for optimal viewing experience, please update your browser to the latest version.


To download and contribute, please visit our Github page:

GitHub link:
Orbit One Github.

Deployment package:

Tutorial video

Please watch our detailed tutorial for a smooth setup.

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Op 21/05/2015 door Glenn and Sander

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