Orbit One presents the Lync Meeting reminder

By holding virtual meetings through Lync, you can save time and work more efficiently. Therefore, you naturally want to avoid that the participants are sitting around waiting for each other because they don’t know whether the others are present yet. Just like in a meeting at the office, the idea is that Lync meetings can start at the agreed time without wasting valuable minutes.

At Orbit One, we noticed that this often went wrong. For example, the participants of a meeting sometimes call each other to ask what’s keeping them, or one is online early and the other is late, meaning that they miss each other.


The solution: Lync Meeting Reminder

Orbit One has made a handy plug-in for Lync 2013. This sends an instant messaging (IM) message or e-mail to the organiser of the meeting as soon as your guests have arrived to the online meeting. With a click of the button, you’re in the meeting straight away. You can also send an IM message to let your visitors know that you are on your way.


Lync Meeting Reminder screenshot

With Lync Meeting Reminder, you as the organiser don’t have to wait until someone signs in, but you only go to the meeting once you receive the IM message that the first participant has arrived. Whether this is a little earlier or later than agreed is no longer important. What’s more, your guests don’t have to wait until you arrive either.

Free download

Orbit One offers the Lync Meeting Reminder plug-in for free. You can download it yourself via our website. The Lync Meeting Reminder is a great example of our own Lync developments and Communication Enabled Business Processes.

Would you like help with the installation and configuration as well, or do you want custom adjustments? At Orbit One, we can help you with this (prepaid service).


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Op 19/09/2014 door Olivier

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