Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, love at first sight?

Microsoft finally released the long anticipated new version of Dynamics CRM. A word I’ve heard a lot during the Microsoft presentations was “love”,

and I have to admit the word wasn’t misplaced.

The Dynamics CRM team redesigned the application towards a better user experience and delivered a product –compared to previous versions- you’ll actually love to use. Here are some of the UI features that contribute to this new experience.




The first thing you’ll notice is the new navigational structure. The left side navigation, which only took valuable screen space, is completely gone and is replaced by a dropdown structure on top of the screen. You can quickly change between the modules, or between the different sections in the current module. You can even drill deeper and get to the recently viewed records, getting you faster to the information you really want.




When opening a record (in the same window, so no more annoying popups and relentlessly switching between them!) you’ll see where dropping the left side navigation really paid off. The redesigned forms offer you a clear overview of all the important data and are packed with features to easily get the job done.


Microsoft abandoned the form ribbon navigation and replaced it by a top menu with the most common actions, hiding the other actions under the ellipsis. This again saves space and doesn’t overload your brain with too many buttons. You might have noticed the missing save button, that’s because Dynamics CRM is now auto-saving your changes, giving you a notification (and a button) in the bottom right corner.


The visible part of the form is divided in 3 parts to quickly give you access to the most important data. On the left is the record summary with the key information about the record. If the record has an address, you can conveniently show it on Bing maps. Most data composed out of multiple fields now has a quick edit, so the view isn’t cluttered with these fields when you don’t need them.



The middle part of the form shows the activity feed and the notes. If your company is on Yammer, this is where the posts related to this record will show up to. With this social web directly coupled, questions can be answered much faster.


The right part shows the related records, and with all this space you can show a lot more. Lookup fields (e.g. a primary contact on an account) can now show additional data (e.g. email and phone number), so there’s no more need to open another form to get to that information. The sub-grids of the related records make use of a quick insert form or a quick find, both without opening a new window.




Of course there’s a lot more to tell about the new Dynamics CRM 2013 features that contribute to the new user experience (I didn’t even start on the new process flows or the new mobile clients, that’s for another post), but the features I did mention already make life a lot easier and make working with Dynamics a lot more enjoyable.

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Op 14/11/2013 door Bruno

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