Looking for expertise at entry prices?

Investing in IT is no longer as easy as before. IT becomes more a commodity. These days everyone claims to know something about IT and can offer some IT services. (Or so they think anyway)

How can Orbit One convince you, as a customer, that we really stand out in terms of services and project approach?

By limiting the risks:

  • You sign in on our website for a free inspiration session Skype4Business, The New World of Work, CEBP, SharePoint or Paperless. We will contact you and during a 2-hour session our experts help you discover how the chosen technology can support your organization. Do our product offerings or our approach not match with your organization, no harm done but it hasn't cost you a euro.
  • You order through our website a starter pack about strategic consulting, project planning, Skype4Business, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, OneNote, DocuSign or Office 365. Together with the Project Manager we confirm the scope, tasks and timing of the project.
    How exactly do we limit the risk?
    • You always obtain a tangible result. In a starter pack SharePoint we will, for example, work with you to develop one workflow. That one workflow helps you create a business case for your organization and internal ambassadors. These ambassodors will support you in the process of change to get SharePoint deployed throughout the entire organization
    • You invest a limited amount. Our starter packs vary between 2,500 and 11,500 euros, fixed price. In comparison to your total IT budget or the budget you need to free to roll out a new technology for the entire organization, this is peanuts, no?

On top of that, we guarantee you a quick start. Within 2 weeks you will have been introduced to the team that will work with you on the inspiration session or starter pack of your choice.

What do you think? Ready to try it out? We are ready!

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