Load testing in the cloud

Visual Studio performance and load testing capabilities

Visual Studio offers performance and load testing capabilities since 2005. It allows you to record series of interactions simulating users accessing your website. All executed requests are recorded one by one and stored in your performance test. Then you can scale that up to simulate tens, hundreds or thousands of users accessing that site concurrently during the load test. As simple as that.

However, the biggest challenge is to setup and maintain an environment in order to simulate this user traffic. Basically, it’s a set of virtual machines or physical machines that can be used to generate virtual user requests.

Using Visual Studio Online

Cloud based load testing services are now available as a part of Visual Studio Online. It takes the advantage of elastic scale offered by Windows Azure to generate the desired traffic requirements. Firstly, dedicated virtual machine that hosts test agents is assigned for a particular run. Then test agents simulate the load against your web site by creating the virtual users and executing desired actions. Moreover, you can manually increase the number of agents in use, depending on your load test.
How can you configure your project to run load tests in the cloud?

  • Connect to Visual Studio Online
  • Edit your local test settings:


Now you can run your tests. While executing tests, you can monitor the performance using the performance graph and the throughput graph.



When the load test is finished, you can download the report and analyze report.


The price calculation is done based on the virtual user minutes (VUserMinutes). To calculate how many VUserMinutes your run will use, you need to follow this equation:

VUserMinutes = (Maximum User Load for the run) * (Duration of the run in minutes)

Each Visual Studio Online account includes 20,000 VUserMinutes per month for free. Additional VUserMinutes are calculated as pay per use service:


How do we do load tests at Orbit One?

We are using both: Visual Studio and Visual Studio online for performance and load test purposes.

  • Visual Studio Ultimate is used by QA department to create, maintain and trigger performance and load tests.
  • Visual Studio Online project is used as a repository.
  • Visual Studio Online is used to run tests in the cloud.

Thanks to that we can easily create and maintain tests. We have access to the performance lab in the cloud in (almost) no time with just one click and this doesn’t require any maintenance from us.

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