ITUC reorganises its information management


The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) is the largest association of trade unions. A large part of their work consists of the collection and dissemination of information, resulting in a huge number of documents to be managed.



In order to get a better overview, make it easier to share information and to better manage the large number of documents, ITUC now works with SharePoint as a central, online system for document management.


With SharePoint, documents can be organised, searched, filtered and shared in a completely different way, thanks to the innovative possibilities of the software. It is a different way of working for most people, and so also for the employees of ITUC. Workshops and training courses formed the largest part of this project.


The main users at ITUC helped to decide on the structure of their SharePoint and involved their colleagues in the discussion. In this way, we created a preparatory phase in which everyone went looking for ways to process the information as efficiently as possible. As employees got to grips with the possibilities of SharePoint, we worked together to create a structure that would improve the operation of the departments.

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Op 09/05/2014 door Lou

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