The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) represents more than 300 trade unions from 155 coun-tries, defending the interests of 176 million blue-collar and white-collar workers. With its headquarters in Brus-sels, the ITUC has offices all over the world.




Interview: Medewerkers ITUC communiceren flexibel en efficiënt via de pc met Lync.

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Interview: The colleagues of ITUC communicate flexibel and efficient trough the pc with Lync.

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Interview: Les collaborateurs de la CSI communiquent en toute flexibilité et efficacité via l'ordinateur avec Microsoft Lync.
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To facilitate mutual collaboration among its various offices, the ITUC looked for a way to manage its infor-mation more effectively, exchange data more efficient-ly, and find documents more quickly. The solution had to be reasonably priced and easy to integrate within the existing IT infrastructure.



ICT partner Orbit One presented SharePoint 2010 and, with an internal workgroup, determined the overall structure of the new portal. Two specific pilot projects with a beta version indicate that SharePoint 2010 is the ideal solution for more effective information manage-ment and better collaboration.



  • Managing information is much easier and more structured
  • All information is available centrally
  • Powerful search function enables information throughout the organisation to be found quickly and easily
  • Effortless integration with Microsoft Office, and very accessible and recognisable for the end-user
  • Several people can work on the same text simulta-neously in SharePoint
  • Searches can be further refined by country, author, date, topic and more
  • Search engine finds documents in more than one language
  • Via SharePoint 2010, employees can also subscribe to information
  • Automating certain processes via workflows deli-vers time-savings
  • Newcomers in the organisation find their way in and among documents more quickly



  • SharePoint 2010
  • Office 2010
  • NET Framework, C#


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Op 22/11/2013 door Orbit One

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