Get to know Steven, our new Solution Architect!

Steven small 105Steven De Waele 
Solution Architect

Steven joined us on an evening out with the team on the day of his interview!


CRM lover

He really loves Microsoft CRM. Why?
”There is a great user experience and functionality right out of the box. CRM is easy to use and is very flexible. You can do so much more than only managing customer relations. For example managing your website, social media and much more.”

Energy boost

It gives him a great feeling when he sees people working with his software. Moments when customers let him know they are enjoying their implementation, give him the energy to continue with this job.

World of IT

The world of IT evolves so fast, so it is from key value to get new information as soon as possible. He mostly keeps up through social media and blogs. New software or updates are launched on those platforms just seconds after release. For the Microsoft products itself, he thinks that the Microsoft Virtual Academy is great to learn new stuff like Azure, CRM or SharePoint.

Underwater life

In his spare time he’s a scuba diver and photographer, so he loves the water and the sea.
Therefore most of his time is spent on or in the water, always searching for pictures of some beautiful underwater life. As you can expect his favorite holiday destinations are tropical and if he has a view at the sea he’s the happiest man in the world

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Op 29/01/2015 door Hannah

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