7 steps to get more things done


Everyone knows how it goes. In the afternoon, you are already so far behind with all of your work. While your schedule is getting full, your to-do list continues to grow by an endless flow of emails, phone calls, and then you also have to answer all the questions of your colleagues. Fear not: there is hope.


Use these seven ready-to-use tips to be more productive in 2015.  


Step 1: Get a grip on your agenda

Start the day with some healthy rituals such as drinking a glass of water and having a peaceful breakfast. Take some time to review your to-do list and daily schedule or create a new one. Next you should check your emails for the first time. Do the supplementary tasks that you can complete in five minutes first.  Plan the other ones in your agenda for the following days.


Step 2: Make a realistic plan

Plan only small and feasible tasks with realistic deadlines in your agenda. Divide the large tasks in smaller ones and foresee enough time because otherwise you are only fooling yourself. Also, use the Outlook colour codes to demarcate your partial tasks.

Incorporate a block of 'loose tasks' a few times per week during which you make time for a brief follow-up of current matters. Stop when your time is up.


Step 3: Complete your list of tasks systematically

Focus on one task at a time. Because...switching costs time. Forget about multi-tasking. Purposefully opt for solo-tasking: this is the way to get results more efficiently.


Step 4: Avoid any distraction

Block Facebook and Twitter, switch off your cell phone, and avoid any distraction until your planned tasks are completed. Yes, just hold on for a little longer. The temptation is strong but the satisfaction you get after having completed a a lot stronger.


Step 5: Channel your email influx

Turn off your email alerts and check your mailbox only two to three times a day. This will increase your level of concentration because you will not see new notifications every time.


Step 6: Use your phone

Emailing is handy but making a phone or Lync call gives you an instant answer. Is it urgent, are there many questions to be asked, and have you been emailing back and forth more than twice? Pick up that phone and call! At the same time, it’s also a better way to discuss a sensitive matter without any misunderstandings or loss of time.


Step 7: Take a breaks

Keep your level of concentration high by taking small breaks every 60 to 90 minutes. Going for a walk and eating a healthy snack will help you ease your mind. Are your batteries recharged? Start the next block of 60-90 minutes.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint.



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