Every year, Recytyre has 80,000 tons of tyres processed with minimal administration


Recytyre VZW - Duurzame oplossingen voor afvalbanden in BelgiëRecytyre, the non-profit organisation responsible for processing car tyres, manages the collection and recycling of used car tyres in Belgium. Dozens of transporters and processors handle 300 tons of tyres every day. Recytyre is responsible for inspection and the correct payment of the services provided.


The organisation uses an online application for this, in which all partners can enter transports and quantities, check their invoices and consult reports. This gives Recytyre a clear view of the market with the latest data.


Thanks to the cooperation of their partners who record transports and quantities themselves and to automatic invoicing, the efficiency has strongly increased and the administrative tasks have been reduced to a minimum. This high level of automation and self-service ensures that Recytyre can work with a small team.


The application of Recytyre uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Umbraco and custom web services. The accounting software Venice has also been integrated for automatic exchange of information.

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Op 09/05/2014 door Olivier

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