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Finding data we are interested in. It's something we are all strugling with both in our personal life and at work. clip_image002
You are doing your best to drink from the firehose of information that is coming at you. But sometimes we are missing things, because we are spending time to search for that information.

Delve is a new application in Office 365 that will helps us to automatically surfacing the most relevant content without the need to search for it in all applications (Yammer, Sharepoint, CRM,...) we have at our company.


But how is a computer able to now what is interesting for me?

Well he knows and this is how.

Laying the puzzle, some call it company structure

Delve uses a complex engine in the back called Office Graph. This Graph connects all documents and users with specific contexts.

An example: Person A shared a Document with Person B and Person B was able to modify some parts of that document.


The Office Graph will analyze these actions and place it in the big puzzle.

Like you see on the Graph below that results in a huge network of connected people and documents or data.


Drawing this graph is possible of the architecture in Office 365. All applications are pushing their metadata about relations and context to the graph. That way he is always aware of new or deprecated relations or data.

Microsoft is working really hard to extend this and provide all kinds of data to Office Graph. They announced connectivity to all their Office 365 services(OneNote, Yammer, Microsoft CRM) and the ability to connect with third part tools.


Connecting the overall Graph with your context

It's nice to have a huge puzzle for the organization but we are not interested in everything, so Delve is the application that will filter the Office Graph to our context or search criteria.

If I'm working a lot with CRM ( because CRM is in a lot of content) it will make data with CRM in it more important and that will appear on top of other topics in Delve. Documents of people we work together with are also more important than people we even don't know.

These are only the basic techniques, Delve and Graph are using really advanced analytics and even Machine learning techniques to improve itself. Which makes this almost as efficient as your personal secretary.


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Op 15/07/2015 door Steven

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