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ClickDimensions has more features than I can talk about in one blog post so I’ll be focusing on Form Capture. This module allows you to quickly add design forms in CRM, embed them in your website and store all information in CRM, as contacts, leads, …

The key benefits of using form capture are:

  • In combination with “Web Tracking” we can now not only see anonymous usage statistics, but as soon as a visitor completes one of the forms on the website, all his previous behavior is also associated with his identity.
  • Instead of just offering downloads for free, you can exchange the download for their contact information


It starts with the click of a button

ClickDimensions makes it easy for users to make a form in just a couple of minutes or even seconds. With there build-in ‘Form Designer’ they give all the tools you need. Just create the fields you need, drag them to your form & start customizing.


We created a basic form that would ask only essential information so we can create a contact in CRM, with their preferred language (we choose to make as few as possible fields required, hoping that this results in more completed forms)


Forms can also contain hidden fields that are filled in by website context (such as language in this case)

Customization form behaviour

First of all you can customize the font color, name, size and weight. But besides these standard changes there is also a way to set if the field’s required, read only, a default value or even the error message for validation. In the case of an email address it can be handy to use Regular expressions. Therefor ClickDimensions came with 2 options:

  • Existing (build-in) patterns
  • Custom regex: this lets you write your own regex where you can as detailed as you want.


Deciding what form data goes where in CRM

The last step is the most important one, after setting your control ready for launch you want to be able to control and monitor the values in the field. This can be done by mapping the values of the field to a field in your CRM.


Go deeper

When the form is finished and you have everything set for the ‘I want to go live now’-move, you can add additional actions to the form.


Using an attached  action we can add the new contact to a marketing list. This enables us to send an newsletter to the everybody who completed the form:

What? I already made a basic html form…

No problem, ClickDimensions thought about that too. With just one function of the form capturing feature, you can let your form pass by the capturing function. The only thing you need to do is enter two links: the error page and the success page.


Use case

Why we want to use Form Capture

The biggest reason is to identify visitors of a website, who downloaded files or subscribed to newsletters. The resulting data had to be available in CRM.

After capturing the information and integrating it into your CRM we could:

  • contact your new leads (by email, telephone, etc..)
  • send nurturing emails when you haven’t heard form them in a while (e.g. 1 month after they submitted a form)
  • see which downloads where most popular
  • include people who where interested in a specific download in mailing lists about that technology.

Of course we use all this at Orbit One. I’m sure you’ve seen it if you’ve downloaded at least one file on our website.


But what do you think happens backstage? Let me inform.

Initialization: The user want to download a file on our site. This action triggers a popup to show on the screen of the user asking his first- and last name, email, company and job title.




What happens after clicking the ‘Download File’-button is that Satya Nadella is now a proud lead in Orbit One.


Other features?

Gathering website statistics is something everybody knows from Google Analytics, but now you can also store & use this information in Microsoft CRM using ClickDimensions. This subscription based  Email marketing solution works like a extension on Microsoft CRM. When installed, you will be able to use many more features than just email marketing, such as:

Form Capture

Create forms with ClickDimension and store everything directly in CRM without any extra work.This is a great way start or expand your customer base. These forms can be used for your specific download process or for registering new users.


Lead scoring

Lead scoring makes it able to score all the visitors and see who is interested more than others. With this information marketing becomes far more personal, giving your customers a better feeling. Isn’t that what marketing is all about?


Web tracking

With Web tracking you can connect visitors to your CRM. With this function you can easily have an overview of your visitors. They all start as a anonymous visitor and become identified or even qualified.


Social Discovery

Social Discovery lets you have a deeper look into the persons inside your CRM. Automatically social media account will be searched based on names, email, etc…

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