Belgian accountants communicate with their professional organisation in realtime


IAB - Instituut van de Accountants en BelastingconsulentenThe Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants (IAB) kept a very careful record of all information about its members, but this information was not necessarily stored in one place.



Changes were not always communicated properly and information was not always linked up. Because the professional organisation also manages the legal liability of its members, it could not afford to make mistakes based on incomplete or inaccurate personnel and contact details.


Thanks to the installation of a central CRM system, this was solved relatively quickly. However, the IAB took this one step further by linking it to an <e-counter> for its members. All correspondence is now digitised, legally valid signatures are made online using the eID, members can consult and manage their file at the Institute online, they can check whether compulsory reports have been received and have an overview of their reports, special mandates or the diaries of the interns. A substantial amount of time is saved and the administrative workload is lighter.


For this project based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a custom portal, we paid additional attention to access rights at different levels and the ease of use for the members.


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