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After the success of our first ShareCafé there were high hopes for the next one.

The attendees got a preview of the future. More so, the future appears to be now. By real-life examples we’ve demonstrated ‘communication enabled business processes’ and how this will allow you to make your business processes shorter, more efficient and in general more fun. This can be accomplished by using instant messaging, video sharing, email, information management,… in your processes. By combining tools like Lync, SharePoint, CRM and exchange you can save time and effort.


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Eddy the Lync bot

IMG_4038Our newest team member Eddy the Bot was showing off by being hard working and helpful. Eddy is a Lync ‘bot’ that can be used to make contact with colleagues, send alerts and notifications or search proactively for information and communicate about it. He’ll inform you when an invoice has been paid, will ask you if you’ve time to check a document and will contact the right colleague at the right  time.

We also took the liberty of showing our Lync Meeting Reminder, Lync Widget and Lync Location. These are all developments and examples of CEBP who are available today. Our guests were inspired to say the least about the opportunities this evolution may bring.



Below you can find the presentation (in Dutch only). If you’re interested in having a live demo session, please contact us. We’ll gladly repeat our presentation at your office. Besides, we also would like to invite you to check if your company is already CEBP-proof. Thanks to our handy ‘Technology Compass’ you can see with the blink of an eye where your company is standing today and what the next step might be. You can find the compass in the presentation.

We just hope to welcome the same enthusiastic public at our last ShareCafe of this year on December the 11th.




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