A teambuilding to die for? Follow these 5 steps

Every year, we undertake a teambuilding activity. It’s always a perfect opportunity to further improve the already excellent atmosphere on the workfloor. Our teambuilding event generally starts on the Sunday before, which is when our colleagues from Poland come to Belgium to work together with us for a week. This gives us a chance to meet new colleagues face-to-face and develop closer ties with some of the people we already know.

The actual teambuilding event starts on Friday. How do we set about organising it? Here is our guideline:

1. Look for an interesting setting

A classic - and therefore never a poor choice- is “a chalet in the Ardennes”. This was this year’s choice, too. We booked a chalet (through from Durbuy Adventure and were pleasantly surprised.


Or would you like to try something new? It goes without saying that your choice of overnight accommodations depends on the activities you plan to undertake. Make a list of activities, with possible overnight accommodations. One of the things we always look for is a space that has a big, cosy living area (see point 2). If this is not one of your priorities, a hotel might also be an option.

To keep our ecological footprint as small as possible while reducing the possibility of any accidents occurring we always encourage carpooling. This way, nobody will have to drive for too long a stretch if they’re tired!

2. Combine a home-like atmosphere ...

If your programme for Friday is mainly to enjoy a cosy evening together ‘at home’, this will make everyone feel immediately more at ease! You can promote this by assigning someone to be in charge of the evening meal. This person should choose an easy menu and take the initiative, while everyone chips in to prepare the meal.


To keep the team-building juices flowing, it’s a good idea to organise an activity for later on. This is another activity that can be delegated. We decided on a game with riddles and questions.



Don’t plan too many activities! Leave plenty of room for your colleagues to take an initiative and make sure you won’t need to keep a constant eye on the clock!



3. ... with plenty of action

It’s a good idea to plan something active in Saturday. To decide on an activity, start by taking stock of the DNA of your organisation and staff. Orbit One is a young, primarily male, ground-breaking organisation. You can score highly by taking up challenges, action and team work. Driving through the woods in 4x4 jeeps was a brilliant idea. To make sure that we would also be focusing on team-building, a few assignments were also incorporated into the activity.



Even if this also meant a little waiting.


After all, changing a tyre is also a great way to build team spirit!


4. Add a fun bonus

This is certainly a great idea if your employees have children and the accommodations aren’t too far away. Make arrangements to allow your employees and their families to spend a night at the chalet if they want. Holiday homes can usually not be booked for just one night, so you might have to pay for two nights anyway. Giving your staff the chance to make use of this offer will give their families an opportunity to get to know the company and the other staff members better.

5. Keep everything secret

I always keep strictly to this rule! This is not the easiest path to take, but it will help create the right ambiance and atmosphere even before you leave for the weekend! Apart from that, it’s a sure-fire way to avoid discussions about your choices. Make sure that you have taken your staff’s medical needs or important personal preferences into account and, if necessary, provide enough information about these matters or make sure that any special needs are taken care of.

Keeping secrets does, however, have a price: in response to my keeping mum I was treated to a fun, new (and warm!) outfit that I was allowed to wear all day long!


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