A second Steven? An introduction

Steven De Messemaeker


Steven De Messemaeker
Infrastructure Engineer

Steven is an overly romantic IT guy to boot


Why IT?

I am passionately driven by everything technology. From chemistry to physics, from energy generation to mobile gadgets. And, since IT is, in my humble opinion, the technology making all other modern technology possible, it is only natural that I’ve grown an immense interest in this field. In my teens I was already taking apart computers, and putting them back together, well, most of the time. It was, in fact, as if it was written in the stars! Yes, I am an overly romantic IT guy to boot.

First memory of a computer?

My first memories of a computer still haunt my dreams frequently. It was a dark, cold and dreary November night back in ‘94. I was staying at my aunt’s, sleeping over in my cousin’s room. She booted up her own personal computer (spoiled brat), running MS-DOS. She then casually launched a game called Alone in the Dark. The title says plenty I’d think, and trust me, I truly felt alone in the dark during the opening scene in which a dog-like creature, mad with rabies, jump-scares the player, by suddenly jumping through a closed window behind you. Being only six years old didn’t help either.

What gives me energy at work?

Getting things done. There’s nothing more annoying than not having the opportunity to truly delve deep in assignments, because of work load, or because of constant priority shifts.
On the other hand, there’s nothing more fulfilling than finishing an assignment, knowing you did everything as good and correct as possible, gaining the most knowledge in the process.

Hobbies and interests outside of technology?

I like cars, not in a mechaphilia way, but as an enthusiast. From old Porsches to new Lamborghinis and touring cars; automobiles in general float my boat.
In my spare time I practice calisthenics (bodyweight fitness) and power training. I’ve only been doing this for a year, so it’s nothing fancy yet.
Enough for the stereotypically macho stuff: I also like movies and long walks on the beach. Oh, and music, yes, I like music. Every genre, but lately I’ve been leaning more towards oldies, much to the frustration of a certain lady friend of mine.
Did I mention I love cars? Seriously.


Japan, Australia, the West Coast of the US, Peru, Bhutan and Nepal, the Balkans… Each one of them destinations I want to visit someday, and then some. A whole lot to do yet, but I have at least already visited my dream country: Japan. It was the perfect mix of modern cities, extreme cleanliness and a polite populace, beautiful nature and well-preserved temples, castles and other heritage. Add to that the typical Japanese craziness, and you can imagine, it was truly a trip with never a dull moment. My three week long trip from Tokyo, through Kyoto, to Nagasaki and finally Fukuoka has taught me one thing: I am coming back. That’s why I included it in the initial list. I have certainly been bitten by the traveling bug. And I have a great girl to share it with, making traveling all the more interesting.

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