Reduce your workload when you return from your vacation

With the holiday season fast approaching we’re all busy planning our own vacation. We’re all looking forward to a couple of weeks of well-deserved peace and quiet, far away from work and all the fuss around it. Fortunately not everyone is going on vacation at the same time. Even in our absence the world keeps on spinning around. If we&r... [More]

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Op 18/06/2015 door Nicolas Van Geluwe

Backup of the Microsoft cloud

My customers often ask me about the best way they can protect their data in the cloud. How do I back up my files, mailboxes and databases that are in Office 365, Azure or CRM Online? How much does it cost and is it really necessary? The cloud demands a totally different approach to backup strategy than in the past, when data was stored on your own... [More]

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Op 09/06/2015 door Olivier

How to combine self-service and personal customer contact?

How can you use self-service to create a more personal customer service? This may seem like a contradiction in terms, but taking a closer look, it isn’t! Nowadays, customers make use of a wider range of channels to contact you than ever before: Skype, web forms, and email, to name just a few. The telephone has long lost its status as our mos... [More]

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Op 16/04/2015 door Olivier

Four steps to an affordable, reliable and faster network

IT managers struggle with hard choices: the demand for high bandwidth between office locations and the internet is huge. Users have High-Definition video meetings and download large files on the corporate network. This puts the company network and internet connections under high pressure. Your employees are used to their superfast internet connecti... [More]

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Op 09/04/2015 door Olivier

The advantages to minimising your IT Infrastructure

  Your office should always be a pleasant place to work, with good coffee - and not merely the location where all sorts of IT infrastructure is kept. There are several ways to enable a system to run in the cloud, with plenty of options in the way of control and flexibility . The numerous benefits offered by the cloud with regard to cost sav... [More]

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Op 24/03/2015 door Olivier