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Finding data we are interested in. It's something we are all strugling with both in our personal life and at work. You are doing your best to drink from the firehose of information that is coming at you. But sometimes we are missing things, because we are spending time to search for that information. Delve is a new application in Office 365 that w... [More]

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Op 15/07/2015 door Steven

A second Steven? An introduction

  Steven De Messemaeker Infrastructure Engineer Steven is an overly romantic IT guy to boot   Why IT? I am passionately driven by everything technology. From chemistry to physics, from energy generation to mobile gadgets. And, since IT is, in my humble opinion, the technology making all other modern technology possible, it is only n... [More]

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Op 05/07/2015 door Hannah

Monitor the build status for your VSO and TFS projects with our Buildscreen.

View the latest builds from your Visual Studio online and Team Foundation Server projects. Wouldn’t it be easy if you had a visual summary of all your projects? Our build screen is a useful and easy way to display an organized overview of the build statuses of your projects. Those of you who are familiar with Visual Studio Online (VSO) or T... [More]

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Op 21/05/2015 door Glenn and Sander

Looking for expertise at entry prices?

Investing in IT is no longer as easy as before. IT becomes more a commodity. These days everyone claims to know something about IT and can offer some IT services. (Or so they think anyway) How can Orbit One convince you, as a customer, that we really stand out in terms of services and project approach? By limiting the risks: You sign in on our... [More]

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Op 19/05/2015 door Joke

Party! Happy work anniversary Bram & Krzysztof!

This month, we celebrate the work anniversary of 2 colleagues at Orbit One. Bram, Service Desk Engineer at Orbit One celebrated his 2nd work anniversary the 13th of May. He is the driving force behind our security checklist and the occasional gin and tonic Friday. For Krzysztof, Developer, May 19th is marked as the start of yet another year at ... [More]

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Op 13/05/2015 door Joke