CRM 2013 Server-Side Synchronization

With Microsoft releasing CRM 2013, some new features and improvements came with it. One of these improvements is the Server-Side Synchronization.   Outlook Sync   In CRM 4.0 and 2011 Email synchronization was accomplished by using a CRM Email router and the Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook add-in. The Email router allowed e... [More]

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Op 29/01/2014 door Jeroen

Introducing Visual Studio 2013

    Microsoft is moving fast these days. It only seems like a couple of months ago that I reluctantly started using Visual Studio 2012 ("a couple of months ago" being almost a year ago now..), and now we already have Visual Studio 2013.Just like I wasn't really eager to switch from Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2012, I didn't re... [More]

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Op 12/12/2013 door Maarten

Mixing Powershell and SQL

  We've recently decided to migrate one of our last SQL 2005 databases because it was becoming outdated, and was due to being replaced by a brand new SQL 2012 web edition. However because of the age of our old SQL server the gui was, to put it nicely, sluggish. Another added problem was that we needed to keep an eye on the database restore s... [More]

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Op 27/11/2013 door Robbe

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, love at first sight?

Microsoft finally released the long anticipated new version of Dynamics CRM. A word I’ve heard a lot during the Microsoft presentations was “love”, and I have to admit the word wasn’t misplaced. The Dynamics CRM team redesigned the application towards a better user experience and delivered a product –compared to pr... [More]

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Op 14/11/2013 door Bruno

DevDay 2013

Last month, Radek, SÅ‚awek and I attended the DevDay 2013 conference in Kraków. The event was organized for the third time and it’s probably one of the best free of charge IT conferences in Poland (maybe even in the world). The event is mainly focused on developers. The fact that is organized by developers themself makes the experience ... [More]

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Op 22/10/2013 door Mariusz