Quick testing with Microsoft Lab Management

    We cannot stress enough the importance of testing software. You hear it all too often: a number of updates are implemented in companies at night, and in the morning when the employees start to come in and try to start their computers, things go wrong. Some applications give error messages, they no longer start up or if you’re ... [More]

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Op 14/08/2014 door Kevin

Dynamic applications through configuration

The scenario  Imagine you have an application that connects to a CRM instance (this could be anything really, Sharepoint, Salesforce,..). Your application needs to get data from CRM, and in order to do that, it first needs to login.Easy enough, you just create a method that connects to the datasource, hardcode the username, password and login... [More]

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Op 18/06/2014 door Maarten

How to do a Web Performance Test in Visual Studio

Definition According to the ISTQB glossary of testing terms: Performance testing - The process of testing to determine the performance of a software product. It is performed to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. It can also serve to investigate, measure, validate or verify other qu... [More]

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Op 19/05/2014 door Lukasz

Simple.Data access to your data

  While creating simple Proof-of-Concept projects we often need to access different data stores. We don't need any sophisticated frameworks to do the job, because we want to do this fast :-) . There is a very interesting, convenient and simple way to do this: open-sourced Simple.Data framework!“Simple.Data is a lightweight fra... [More]

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Op 17/05/2014 door Slawomir

How to run old ASP.NET applications on new IE Browsers?

The Problem Do you have the problem that your ASP.NET web application works well on Chrome, Opera and Safari but doesn’t work on IE 10/11 and some versions of Firefox? That’s probably due to a bug within the browser definition files in the .NET 2 and .NET 4 Frameworks. ASP.NET sees those browsers as unknown and doesn’t support fe... [More]

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Op 16/05/2014 door Robert