ClickDimensions: start gathering leads

  ClickDimensions has more features than I can talk about in one blog post so I’ll be focusing on Form Capture. This module allows you to quickly add design forms in CRM, embed them in your website and store all information in CRM, as contacts, leads, … The key benefits of using form capture are: In combination with “We... [More]

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Op 19/11/2014 door Kevin

Umbraco 7 - a logical choice.

Umbraco has been our preferred platform for making public websites since back in 2009. It has been a year since Umbraco 7 was released, and we can speak of a true success story! For site owners When you are choosing the right CMS for your public website, you can’t always see the forest for the trees. Umbraco 7 focuses on usability on any pl... [More]

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Op 01/10/2014 door Rik

Orbit One presents the Lync Meeting reminder

By holding virtual meetings through Lync, you can save time and work more efficiently. Therefore, you naturally want to avoid that the participants are sitting around waiting for each other because they don’t know whether the others are present yet. Just like in a meeting at the office, the idea is that Lync meetings can start at the agreed t... [More]

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Op 19/09/2014 door Olivier

Experience-Based Test Techniques

    Do you have experienced testers in your team? Why don’t you take advantage of their skills and intuition? Experienced-Based techniques can be a good choice if your project documentation is not detailed enough, your testing time is limited and you've a testing team that is experienced in that type of systems. Experience-based... [More]

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Op 12/09/2014 door Lukasz

Orbit One gives customers access to Lync through Microsoft Technology Adoption Program

  Orbit One has recently been selected as Belgian partner for Lync developments within Microsoft’s Lync Developer Technology Adoption Program (TAP). This means that we can already test and expand on the new possibilities of future Lync versions in our own environment and that of the customer.   That is good news, and not only fo... [More]

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Op 11/09/2014 door Olivier