Load testing in the cloud

Visual Studio performance and load testing capabilities Visual Studio offers performance and load testing capabilities since 2005. It allows you to record series of interactions simulating users accessing your website. All executed requests are recorded one by one and stored in your performance test. Then you can scale that up to simulate tens, hu... [More]

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Op 20/04/2015 door Lukasz

How to configure your Azure environment to meet the performance and load goals of your web application

About Azure  Azure Websites is an enterprise class cloud solution for developing and running web apps. You can stand up a website on Azure in seconds, without having to manage Virtual Machines, network load balancers or deployment infrastructure yourself. All of these capabilities are built in and provided by the Azure Websites service. Scal... [More]

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Op 19/03/2015 door Lukasz

Does Umbraco really love Windows Azure?

We've been working on a big project involving Umbraco and Azure these past 6 months. On the website is written that Umbraco works flawlessly on Azure - "Umbraco Loves Microsoft Azure" they say. Is this the really the case? Let's check! Requirements When designing solutions for Azure, first thing that needs to be taken into account is ... [More]

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Op 26/02/2015 door Mariusz

How important is security for you and your web application?

Avoid disastrous consequences Sometimes it’s in the news or you read about on the internet but most of the time we are not worried about security. Hackers keep on hacking applications and subvert the good reputations of companies and inflict financial costs. Recovering from such attacks takes a lot of time and effort while simple precautions... [More]

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Op 26/01/2015 door Bram

Wireless Microphones for Lync Conferences

At Orbit One, we regularly organize ShareCaf├ęs: knowledge-sharing & inspirational sessions with customers and partners. It is possible to attend the sessions live through Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business). Good-quality audio is very important, so that it feels pleasant to remotely join and follow the sessions. In the beginning, we used a Pol... [More]

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Op 24/12/2014 door Bram