Website usability guidelines – standard website’s content

  Are you thinking about having your own website? In this serie of guidelines we will give you an overview of all the essentials when setting up a new website. First we’ll guide you trough the standerd website’s content. Pages This may sound obvious: every website should have a homepage. Explain there who you are and what you d... [More]

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Op 14/06/2015 door Lukasz

Allowing information to find you: Office Graph, Delve & Clutter

If classifying, sorting and searching for information is taking up an increasingly bigger chunk of your workday, we have some good news for you. From now on, you can do away with classifying all together. Even better: information will be finding you, almost on its own accord, thanks to Office Graph, Office Delve and Clutter. Being a user of Office ... [More]

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Op 12/06/2015 door Olivier

Backup of the Microsoft cloud

My customers often ask me about the best way they can protect their data in the cloud. How do I back up my files, mailboxes and databases that are in Office 365, Azure or CRM Online? How much does it cost and is it really necessary? The cloud demands a totally different approach to backup strategy than in the past, when data was stored on your own... [More]

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Op 09/06/2015 door Olivier

Capture/amplify audio with the Yamaha YVC-1000

At Orbit One, we regularly organize ShareCafés: knowledge-sharing & inspirational sessions with customers and partners. It is possible to attend the sessions live through Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business). Good-quality audio is very important, so that it feels pleasant to remotely join and follow our sessions.Currently we are using th... [More]

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Op 22/05/2015 door Bram

Scoop! Discover Office 365 Infopedia

Yesterday Microsoft announced the new Infopedia portal which will become the next big thing on Office 365 in the near future. It will be shipped as a "NextGen Portal" so that it will be automatically available to all Office 365 users. These are some mockups that were shown in the session yesterday to give us an idea The Infopedia Portal will gi... [More]

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Op 08/05/2015 door Lou