Our Microsoft Gold Partnership is renewed!

  Orbit One is once again your Microsoft Gold Partner. We're a Gold Partner in Application Development, a Silver Partner in Hosting and a Silver Partner in Collaboration and Content   That's not all! We're still going for Silver Customer Relationship Management. And we're almost there!

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Op 13/08/2014 door Hannah

Meet Krzysztof, Kevin and Joke

Let me introduce you to our newest teammembers Krzysztof Branicki .Net Developer Krzysztof is a Software Craftsmanship enthusiast who’s passionate about software development!     Industry gurus To stay current he reads books, blogs, watch online lectures and attend conferences. He has a special focus on publications from indus... [More]

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Op 08/08/2014 door Hannah

Take a virtual tour of our office!

We’d love to give you a tour of our office! And you don’t even have to get out. Thanks to Google maps you can just pay us a virtual visit:    

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Op 02/07/2014 door Hannah

Sneak preview of our new look and feel

      Orbit one uses complex technologies to do complex things, just like most IT companies. Which means that it's not always straight-forward to explain to our customers what they can expect from us. Now, to make it easier on our new customers to find out what we have to offer, we've simplified the description of our services.In ... [More]

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Op 09/04/2014 door Hannah

Meet Robert, Ineke and Nicolas

Our newest teammembers can't wait to help you!     Robert  Kała .Net Developer Robert doesn’t like wasting his time doing things he doesn't want to. Conclusion? He loves his job! Back in Time His earliest memory of a computer is an Amiga 600 with 2MB of RAM and 386 SX 25 MHz, 8MB RAM + 80 MB Hard Di... [More]

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Op 20/03/2014 door Hannah