Scoop! Discover Office 365 Infopedia

Yesterday Microsoft announced the new Infopedia portal which will become the next big thing on Office 365 in the near future. It will be shipped as a "NextGen Portal" so that it will be automatically available to all Office 365 users. These are some mockups that were shown in the session yesterday to give us an idea The Infopedia Portal will gi... [More]

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Op 08/05/2015 door Lou

ShareCafé Office 365: Efficient collaboration at minimum cost

This year’s first ShareCafé will focus on working in the cloud, with a particular focus on Office 365. Most people immediately associate the terms “Cloud” and “Microsoft” with Microsoft Azure. There is, however, much more to it. Office 365 - the successor to BPOS - is another cloud service offered by Microsoft, ... [More]

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Op 09/04/2015 door Vincent

A teambuilding to die for? Follow these 5 steps

Every year, we undertake a teambuilding activity. It’s always a perfect opportunity to further improve the already excellent atmosphere on the workfloor. Our teambuilding event generally starts on the Sunday before, which is when our colleagues from Poland come to Belgium to work together with us for a week. This gives us a chance to meet new... [More]

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Op 24/03/2015 door Hannah

Register now for our new ShareCafés!

      Just as last year, Orbit One will once again be offering its familiar ShareCafés concept in 2015. By popular demand, this time we’ll be focusing on innovation. We will be looking at this from the perspective of three popular tools: Office 365, Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, and getting together with you to see ho... [More]

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Op 05/03/2015 door Hannah

Did you already discover our free tools?

Orbit One stands for innovation as recently was confirmed by Microsoft offering us to become partner in the Lync Developer Technology Adoptation Program. Since sharing of knowledge is part of our DNA, it shouldn't be a surprise that our website came with a section of free (internally developed) tools. Check our growing offer of extras for Lync, ... [More]

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Op 03/02/2015 door Joke