Lync Meeting Reminder


Orbit One has made a handy plug-in for Lync 2013. This sends an instant messaging (IM) message or e-mail to the organiser of the meeting as soon as your guests have arrived to the online meeting. With a click of the button, you’re in the meeting straight away. You can also send an IM message to let your visitors know that you are on your way.


Lync Meeting Reminder screenshot

With Lync Meeting Reminder, you as the organiser don’t have to wait until someone signs in, but you only go to the meeting once you receive the IM message that the first participant has arrived. Whether this is a little earlier or later than agreed is no longer important. What’s more, your guests don’t have to wait until you arrive either.

Free download

Orbit One offers the Lync Meeting Reminder plug-in for free. You can download it yourself via our website. The Lync Meeting Reminder is a great example of our own Lync developments and Communication Enabled Business Processes.

Would you like help with the installation and configuration as well, or do you want custom adjustments? At Orbit One, we can help you with this (prepaid service).


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deSingel Internationale Kunstcampus

deSingel is the arts centre of Flanders, the place of choice where theatre, dance, music and architecture are presented and created. deSingel offers artists and public a platform for nothing less than international top quality.






The full program of deSingel is automated and can be displayed on the site in several ways. The whole system is linked to Artifax Events, the software deSingel uses for the management of productions, halls, reservations, etc.

We developed an elaborate digital database that can provide information about productions, concerts and exhibitions, but also extensive information about artists, companies, authors, composers, etc. Apart from that the digital database also contains a wealth of digital files such as pictures, video, audio, press reviews, program booklets, etc. All these files are linked and can be displayed on the site in various ways.





An advanced search allows you to do searches targeting all these forms of information. Next to that you can also look for text in the website.

Thanks to an online ticketing system you can order tickets and subscriptions online. Apart from that the site also offers the opportunity to order different kinds of catalogues or to request a season pocket or magazine.



  • .NET framework
  • ASP.Net
  • Custom CMS
  • Flash
  • SQL Server
  • WebServices
  • Ogone Payment API



"Olivier and his team have succeeded in translating a complex organisation like deSingel, an internationally active Arts Campus for the Flemish Community, into a well-organized website. More specifically, into a structure that focuses on both the sale of tickets and making large amounts of information readily available. Olivier has been our primary point of contact throughout the entire collaboration – since 2002! Each time we’ve met, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by his efficient meeting skills. We also find his advice on other digital domains very valuable."

Piere Van Diest, Kristien Gerets

Administrative Director, Adjunct-Director, deSingel

Realizations Realizations

Op 11/12/2013 door Orbit One


The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) represents more than 300 trade unions from 155 coun-tries, defending the interests of 176 million blue-collar and white-collar workers. With its headquarters in Brus-sels, the ITUC has offices all over the world.




Interview: Medewerkers ITUC communiceren flexibel en efficiënt via de pc met Lync.

Download pdf van dit interview (nederlandse versie)


Interview: The colleagues of ITUC communicate flexibel and efficient trough the pc with Lync.

Download the interview here (english version)

Interview: Les collaborateurs de la CSI communiquent en toute flexibilité et efficacité via l'ordinateur avec Microsoft Lync.
Téléchargement de cette interview (version français)




To facilitate mutual collaboration among its various offices, the ITUC looked for a way to manage its infor-mation more effectively, exchange data more efficient-ly, and find documents more quickly. The solution had to be reasonably priced and easy to integrate within the existing IT infrastructure.



ICT partner Orbit One presented SharePoint 2010 and, with an internal workgroup, determined the overall structure of the new portal. Two specific pilot projects with a beta version indicate that SharePoint 2010 is the ideal solution for more effective information manage-ment and better collaboration.



  • Managing information is much easier and more structured
  • All information is available centrally
  • Powerful search function enables information throughout the organisation to be found quickly and easily
  • Effortless integration with Microsoft Office, and very accessible and recognisable for the end-user
  • Several people can work on the same text simulta-neously in SharePoint
  • Searches can be further refined by country, author, date, topic and more
  • Search engine finds documents in more than one language
  • Via SharePoint 2010, employees can also subscribe to information
  • Automating certain processes via workflows deli-vers time-savings
  • Newcomers in the organisation find their way in and among documents more quickly



  • SharePoint 2010
  • Office 2010
  • NET Framework, C#


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Op 22/11/2013 door Orbit One



As ‘the external ICT department for SMEs’, Aurelium provides the knowledge, availability, technology and organisation that enable SMEs to employ their ICT infrastructure as a competitive advantage.







Aurelium and Orbit One have several customers in common: Aurelium takes care of the Internet ICT, and Orbit One offers website, extranet and CRM services.

Orbit One has assisted Aurelium with the development of the PiazzaPortal customer portal. This secured, SharePoint-based website offers Aurelium’s customers a central place for their ICT documentation, orders, meeting dates, contractcontact? information and much more.

The portal helps Aurelium work more closely with its clients.



  • SharePoint WSS 3.0
  • .Net Framework, C#


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Op 12/11/2013 door Orbit One

The Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants


The Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants (Instituut van de Accountants en Belastingconsulenten − IAB) is a statutory professional organisation for Belgian accountants and tax consultants. The Institute oversees the training and ensures the continual supply of a corps of specialists.








IAB has partnered with Orbit One since 1997 for the development of its information website, members' portal and members directory. We also develop the internship portal such as the online diary, registration forms and more.



  • .NET Framework, C#
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • ASP.Net
  • Google Site Search
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
  • SQL Server
  • Webservices

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