Looking for expertise at entry prices?

Investing in IT is no longer as easy as before. IT becomes more a commodity. These days everyone claims to know something about IT and can offer some IT services. (Or so they think anyway)

How can Orbit One convince you, as a customer, that we really stand out in terms of services and project approach?

By limiting the risks:

  • You sign in on our website for a free inspiration session Skype4Business, The New World of Work, CEBP, SharePoint or Paperless. We will contact you and during a 2-hour session our experts help you discover how the chosen technology can support your organization. Do our product offerings or our approach not match with your organization, no harm done but it hasn't cost you a euro.
  • You order through our website a starter pack about strategic consulting, project planning, Skype4Business, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, OneNote, DocuSign or Office 365. Together with the Project Manager we confirm the scope, tasks and timing of the project.
    How exactly do we limit the risk?
    • You always obtain a tangible result. In a starter pack SharePoint we will, for example, work with you to develop one workflow. That one workflow helps you create a business case for your organization and internal ambassadors. These ambassodors will support you in the process of change to get SharePoint deployed throughout the entire organization
    • You invest a limited amount. Our starter packs vary between 2,500 and 11,500 euros, fixed price. In comparison to your total IT budget or the budget you need to free to roll out a new technology for the entire organization, this is peanuts, no?

On top of that, we guarantee you a quick start. Within 2 weeks you will have been introduced to the team that will work with you on the inspiration session or starter pack of your choice.

What do you think? Ready to try it out? We are ready!

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Op 19/05/2015 door Joke

Party! Happy work anniversary Bram & Krzysztof!

This month, we celebrate the work anniversary of 2 colleagues at Orbit One.

  • Bram, Service Desk Engineer at Orbit One celebrated his 2nd work anniversary the 13th of May.
    He is the driving force behind our security checklist and the occasional gin and tonic Friday.
  • For Krzysztof, Developer, May 19th is marked as the start of yet another year at Orbit One.

We asked them what makes them smile when they come to work every morning

14143105385_2d975724d5_mBram: "Working at Orbit One is one of the best things that ever happened to me. As soon as I started here I felt a match with the mentality and philosophy. New technologies are not put off as long as possible but tackled in the early stages. To keep up to date we have the system with the learning credits which allows me to study what I find interesting. The colleagues are not the guys to "eat their sandwiches as quick as possible so they can go home as early as possible" but there is a lot of time to enjoy lunch together and you do not even have to butter your bread! At lunch, there is a "buffet" with toppings and a variety of bread. This saves me nothing but time and inconvenience. The flexible working hours are really flexible and don't just mean you have to work longer. Regularly I also proposed the challenge fully migrate to Git and Visual Studio Online. Initiative like this is always encouraged."

Krzysztof small 129

Krzysztof: "I like  working for Orbit One because I have the ability here to work with latest technologies including tools, frameworks and Azure which is a rapidly growing cloud platform with a constantly increasing number of offered services. I like how the company is supporting self-development by providing learning credits. I also like the fact that English is the company language. I think that my English has improved a lot since I started working here, that’s because I use it on a daily basis in real conversations and not just in the class room.

I like what I do so I don’t need to do a lot to get motivated and because I like what I do It’s natural for me to stay up-to-date with the latest improvements in the industry."

Want to work with Bram and Krzysztof? Curious about how it feels to love your job? Then check out our vacancies apply today.

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Op 13/05/2015 door Joke

Did you already discover our free tools?

Orbit One stands for innovation as recently was confirmed by Microsoft offering us to become partner in the Lync Developer Technology Adoptation Program.

Since sharing of knowledge is part of our DNA, it shouldn't be a surprise that our website came with a section of free (internally developed) tools.

Check our growing offer of extras for Lync, SharePoint and CRM.

Feel free to bookmark this page, since we will continue developing free tools this year.

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Op 03/02/2015 door Joke

Give your internal co-operation a technical upgrade

shareCafé b


Still looking for a networking event in December? You're welcome to join our 3rd ShareCafé on December 11th.

Our closing session on the New World of Work will provide you with insights on how to collaborate with your co-workers even if you don't share the same physical location.

Expect demo's, technical facts, best practices and a really convivial gin tasting at the end.


Register for the last seats (All presentations will be in Dutch only) .

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Op 01/12/2014 door Joke

The New World of Work, but how do you start building this world?

The New World of Work, but how do you start building this world?

The topic of our first ShareCafé was clear: how to keep the New Worker motivated? But… who is that New Worker and what are the requirements to meet when you want to call your organization fit for that New World of Work?

Olivier let us in on some secrets:

The New World of Work is a matter of guts…

  • Dare to change your office equipment and say goodbye to the safe haven of your little office
  • Have the guts to replace paper files by their digital versions preferably accessible from everywhere and shared with your team.
  • Don't be afraid to review your policies and work regulations to these new possibilities you have your employees to offer

The New World of Work is all about confidence…

  • Have faith in your employees. They will work as hard from home as from the office.
  • Trust your team… they'll meet their deadlines even if not everyone has arrived at the office at 9 in the morning
  • Dare to rely on technology for a meeting with customers at the other end of the country

The New World of Work is efficiency

  • Not every meeting demands travelling
  • You don't need to be a technical wizard to access company data no matter where you are… Internet access is enough

For Orbit One, The new World of Work is also about

  • Giving employees responsability to shape their carreer and personal growth
  • That daily struggle to decide whether an opportunity matches your company values
  • Offering enough carreer options to keep that New Worker challenged.

And in the end… The New World of Work is about a new found balance. People never had more impact on when to go offline and leave all that technicity locked away.

Interested in the presentation (in Dutch)?

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Op 24/10/2014 door Joke