Ontex chooses a SharePoint collaboration portal for its legal department






Ontex is a leading international producer of personal hygiene solutions for babies, women and adults. Partly due to the recent flotation, the workload of Ontex's legal department is growing rapidly.


The employees of this department offer daily support to all departments of Ontex worldwide, in a wide range of topics. Due to the growth in recent years, it is important to work more efficiently with each other and with the other departments, and a need has arisen for a SharePoint collaboration platform. Such a platform could be used for the central management of documents, provide access to all e-mail correspondence about the files, allow workflows and procedures to be set up for the different contracts (SharePoint based Contract lifecycle management) and all kinds of other things the optimise the internal operation.


Ontex chose Orbit One as a service provider to advise them on this and to take on the further coordination for building this collaboration platform in SharePoint. The first phase, QuickScan, will start this summer. Orbit One will hold a number of workshops so that it can first identify the high level requirements of Ontex in order to translate these into concrete, pragmatic ICT solutions.
After the completion of the QuickScan, Orbit One will present a high-level project plan for the next three years. This is a good start to a new partnership between Orbit One and Ontex.

Realizations Realizations

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The deSingel website is always up-to-date through smart internal planning.



The deSingel international arts centre in Antwerp is a platform where contemporary arts, in particular theatre, dance, music and architecture, can be represented and created. Orbit One has been the IT partner of deSingel for many years and this partnership has resulted in several nice projects such as the deSingel website and the ticketing system. Our latest new accomplishment is the replacement of the old planning module with the new system.


The right choice 

For many years, deSingel used the Artifax event software for the internal planning of rooms, staff, equipment and productions. This software was linked to the deSingel website and the data from Artifax was also sent to the website every night.
Since the software they were using had become too old, was not very flexible and furthermore did not meet the increasing needs of deSingel, they called in the help of Orbit One to replace the old system.


Always up-to-date

Together with the chosen SalesForce partner, Sparklink (, the software was set up and the specific data structure was established to fully attune the system to the needs of deSingel. Orbit One then ensured that all of the existing data could be injected into the new structure. DeSingel’s existing digital archive (photos, audio, video, etc.) was also linked to SalesForce.
In order to be able to display all of the data from the SalesForce system on the deSingel website, Orbit One developed a synchronisation to the SQL database of this site. This included a weekly “full” synchronisation in which all of the data is imported. It also included an “incremental” synchronisation that takes place every hour in which only the most recently amended data is imported. This solution means that the deSingel website is continuously being updated with current information.
In conclusion, thanks to Orbit One, deSingel now has a user-friendly and modern system that allows them to manage their data and a website that is constantly up-to-date.


Realizations Realizations

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