Meet Kevin, Jeroen & Hannah!

Our IT Pro's are always up for a good challenge!

They provide all the infrastructure to allow the developers, the Orbit One staff and the clients to do their job carefree.



Kevin De Smet
Network & System Engineer 

Kevin started working for Orbit One in 2011 and turned out to be one of the best table soccer players.


IT forest

He loves the diversity of his job, constantly getting a deeper knowledge of many different server and network products in the big IT forest.


By subscribing himself to blogs from interesting MVP’s about Microsoft products he likes, he tries to stay current. He also uses a pretty handy Firefox plugin called 'Brief'.

Office 2013

In terms of his favorite Microsoft program, he especially likes the Office 2013 suite server products (Exchange – Lync – SharePoint). These products improved a lot the last few years and have a tight integration with each other.


His biggest hobby is to organize electronic music events and perform as a deejay.


He likes to travel with big diversity. One day wandering around in a big city, the next day sleeping in a treehouse in the jungle.




Jeroen De Roe    
Network & System Engineer    

Jeroen's first week at Orbit One started with a maintenance night so      

he knew immediately all about the job.     




He played his first computer game (forgot the name, something with a moon lander) on a commodore 64. Also, he remembers his dad and he were impressed when they managed to increase the disk capacity from 40MB to almost 80MB by enabling compression on a Intel 386 machine.

Insight out

Getting to know the insight outs of the Orbit One and customer environments is his biggest challenge.


After he gets certified for it, he hopes SharePoint 2013 will be his favorite Microsoft Program.


He loves playing table soccer, cycling and going for a night out with friends.

Free time

When he's not working, he's just working elsewhere: at his house, finishing the construction.



They keep the office up and running!

Christine and Hannah provide the basics of a good running office and will try to keep both customers and employees happy.




Hannah Coekaerts
Office assistant

Hannah just tries to survive in the IT world as an IT-noob.                                  



What she loves about her job is its variety. She can be organizing and ordering files one moment and gets creative and think about our marketing ideas the next.

Keep calm and carry on

Sometimes it can be a challenge to stay calm and keep moving forward with a quick approaching deadline in mind.


She can get so happy when she receives a nice compliment about a job well done. It drives her to achieve better results and gives her more energy to complete her tasks.


Her perfect night out is going out to see some stand up comedy and enjoying all the laughter surrounding her.


Her clothes are most of the time colorful and bright. She hopes they can get a smile on someone’s face and that will make her day!.



Coming up: Meet our Quality Manager and Project Managers: Ɓukasz , Kit Teng and Sofie.

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Op 16/08/2013 door Hannah

Meet Christine, Robbe & Bram!

Our SD Team will go for it!

They'll try tirelessly to solve all your problems! If you have any questions, you should never hesitate to contact them!



Christine Dekempe
Service Manager

Christine handles both the financial management of Service Desk and the office management of Orbit One in general.


Team player

Christine really enjoys working with a good team, that can get things done. Even if her boss can be hard to keep up with.


Her biggest challenge right now is keeping up with the enormous growth of Orbit One.


Successfully completing assignments renews her energy.

Her slogan for life

Carpe Diem!


In her free time she loves going to the outdoors and getting active by putting on her ski's, spending time with her family, visiting cultural and achitectural sites or going on road trips.




Robbe Goetmaeckers
Service Engineer

                   Robbe his keyboard is his favorite developer tool.



The job

What he loves about his job is getting to use the latest Microsoft technologies in a complex environment.


Working on new and fascinating problems, and finding some obscure small thing that finally fixes everything, keeps Robbe going.

Stress tolerance

Dedication is one of his strengths. He loves high stress situations, and as long as you can keep a positive attitude, Robbe will keep working the problem.


He loves playing games, especially new concepts, although he'll always keep going back to RPG and RTS games.

Go with the flow

When he travels he'll decide where to go when he wakes up in the morning. He doesn't really plan his holidays out very well. 




Bram Verswalm
Service Engineer

Bram is an enthusiastic young guy who recently joined our team. 



His earliest memory of a computer is playing stunts on DOS.

Table Soccer

His biggest challenge at the moment is winning a game of table soccer against Rik.

Closed case check

Bram draws his energy from discussions about difficult cases, and how to resolve them. As well as finally closing those hard to solve cases.

Doing it all

When he's not working, he's riding his motorcycle, organizing things in his youth club, attending meetings, spending time with his girlfriend or going to the gym.

Weird pet

He has a gekkota as a pet, and it continues to amaze him each time it goes for a walk on the walls or ceilings.



Coming up: Meet our IT Pro and admin team: Kevin, Jeroen & Hannah.

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Op 22/07/2013 door Hannah

Clash between introverts and extraverts?


We followed a MBTI-workshop and it brought us all a clear insight in who we are  and, even better, who our colleagues are! 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. It is an instrument used for self-understanding and understanding of others. We discovered our own type during a workshop guided by qualified Hudson consultants.


By asking ourselves the following questions we could find out which type we are:

  • Where do I get my energy from? Do you prefer to focus on the outer world or on your own inner world? This is called Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I).
  • In what way do I proces information? Do you prefer to focus on the basic information you take in or do you prefer to interpret and add meaning? This is called Sensing (S) or Intuition (N).
  • How do I take decisions? When making decisions, do you prefer to first look at logic and consistency or first look at the people and special circumstances? This is called Thinking (T) or Feeling (F).
  • How do I organise my life? In dealing with the outside world, do you prefer to get things decided or do you prefer to stay open to new information and options? This is called Judging (J) or Perceiving (P).

Apparently Orbit One is almost fifty/fifty divided in 'extraverts' and 'introverts', which lead to interesting conversations about how to handle one another and be more understanding of each other. By the way, if you want to learn how to deal with your introverted colleague or partner:


We also found out that the majority of our team focusses on what is real and actual. Thanks to the imput of the few 'intuition'-thinkers we also notice what might be.  Being a company filled with a lot of 'thinking' and 'judging' people, our tasks are structured and organized by logical reasoning. But we can take up from our perceiving colleagues to enjoy life as much as possible.


It's clear, we learned a lot and it will show in our co-working and client-relationships.


If you want to discover more about MBTI or Hudson:




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Op 11/07/2013 door Hannah

We renewed our Microsoft Gold Partnership!

Orbit One is once again your Microsoft Gold Partner. We're a Gold Partner in Application Development and a Silver Partner in Hosting.


That's not all!

We're still going for Silver Collaboration and Content , Silver Customer Relationship Management, Silver Application Integration and Silver Communications. And we're almost there!


We'll keep you informed...

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Op 05/07/2013 door Hannah

Meet Rik, Maarten & Demian

SD Team to the rescue!

They solve all the occurring problems as fast as they can. Don't hesitate to contact them.


Rik Helsen
Lead Service Engineer

Working at the company since 2007, Rik is one of the most experienced members of Orbit One.



Rik is an Umbraco enthusiast. He always keeps an eye on the community to spot new add-ons & modules that could be useful for our customers and future projects. He hopes to attend Codegarden’s upcoming event to meet up with the Umbraco community again.


He particularly enjoys taking on the more challenging issues, troubleshooting a complex problem with his awesome team - eliminating possible causes, one after the other.


Rik will go to any length to prevent people from spamming the websites of our customers. This has proven to be one of the toughest missions over the past few years.


He enjoys organizing the “unofficial” Orbit One events. Which can vary from the odd BBQ to an evening playing Pool or Poker.
Hang in there

Rik likes to spend his free time in various ways, recently he took up “Bouldering“ as a hobby.




Maarten De Bisschop        
Service Engineer        

                                                Maarten fixes bugs, and hits alt + enter alot.         




His earliest memory of a computer is installing Prince of Persia 2D with a floppy disk in MS DOS when he was about 5 or 6 years old.


Visual Studio is his favorite Microsoft program.


If you would ask him what his favorite development tool is, he'll tell you Resharper and Stackoverflow (although that's technically speaking not a tool).

Free time

By listening to music (screamo/hardcore), playing guitar, watching decent tv series, programming, he spends his free time.


He would like to go to anywhere in the USA (preferably somewhere where it’s nauseatingly hot).




Demian Kasier
Service Engineer

In the early  morning, Demian is the one who opens the door for people who forgot their badge.


Early bird

He works best in the morning, He's a morning person. So he goes to work early. The advantages for him are: He's full of energy in the morning, and it’s quiet, so he won’t be disturbed. It’s also fun to see people enter the work floor when they still look like zombies.


People give him energy! He doesn’t want to disappoint other people. It gives him pleasure to see other people happy because of something he did/made… Also, for him it’s just fun to be around his colleagues. They’re always ready for a joke.

Future plans

There are always a lot of challenges at Orbit One. Mystery problems in the code, an exam coming up, a deadline approaching. But his biggest challenge, right now, is that he wants to become a project manager. He still has a lot to learn, but fortunately, he also has some good examples to learn from.


He has a happy dog who greets him when he comes home. She loves to sniff at about everything (even onions) and steals food from the garbage bin when we’re not around. Everyday, they go for an hour long (or longer) walk. Or they go to training, or they go to the dog-playground where she can play with other dogs.


His girlfriend is the best cook he knows. This girl will make him fat and he will like it!



Coming up: Meet the rest of our SD team: Christine, Robbe & Bram.

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