Meet Bruno, Marcin & Slawomir!

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Bruno Martens 
.Net Developer                                                              

The saying 'still waters run deep' must have been invented for Bruno.                                                                                                                                              



His earliest memory of a computer is one of the first Texas Instruments consumer computers, when he was around 8-9 years old. It had an astounding 16kb of RAM and was running at the lightning speed of 3Mhz with some sort of BASIC OS. It was then that he was bitten by the beauty of instructing simple logic to a machine and receiving an answer. Come to think of it, it was probably then he embraced nerdhood.


He has a love/hate relationship with most Microsoft products. Most of them look promising, but after a while there are always things that annoy him a little. If he really has to pick one then he’d go for DirectX (because he had the most fun when developing).


As a .NET developer, he can only choose Visual Studio (from professional version up) as his favorite developer tool. Although the annoying parts (see previous) are perfectly addressed by JetBrains’ Resharper (he can’t live without it anymore).

Open mind

When he's not working he's doing things that stimulate him on a different level, like seeing bands play or going to art exhibitions. Things that broaden his mind, or give him a different perspective, even when he's back at work. (Although couch-potato can sometimes be a viable option too).

Slogan for life

Where ever you go, go with all your heart.




Marcin Dzwonnik    
.Net Developer    

Marcin has trained martial arts for a couple of years so don't try to mess      

with him.     


The job

He loves the fact that his job lets him be creative. It's not one of those monotonous jobs that just stops your ability to think.


He considers his intellect and rationalism to be some of his strengths. Besides that he's also good at keeping both feet on the ground.

Developer tools

Concerning Microsoft products he would say Visual Studio is one of his favorites but he thinks Resharper is the best developer tool.

Free time

In his free time he loves to go to the gym or go for a run. Other favorites: spending time with his girlfriend or playing computer games.


When going on holidays, he likes to just do nothing and relax.




Slawomir Naborczyk
.Net Developer

Slawomir is a chilled, calm guy who's not easily unbalanced, not that suprising with 3 daughters!                                                   


Keeping up

By reading blogs and newsletters, he tries to stay on top of Microsoft technologies 

Amiga 500

The Amiga 500 with 1MB of RAM will probably be the earliest computer-related memory he has.

The Job

Hard working, like learning new stuff and feeling responsible for things he does, is what makes his job worth it. He just likes to work on web technologies.

3 girls

With 3 little girls, most of his free time goes to playing with them. There're a hands full!


He enjoys playing tennis and going to the swimming pool.



Coming up: Meet the rest of our Developer Team and our Architects: Mariusz, Radoslaw, Lou and Olivier. 

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Meet Łukasz , Kit Teng & Sofie!

He protects the quality of our projects!

Łukasz is always on the look for any forgotten issue and will make sure our projects work flawless.



Łukasz Kolenda
Senior QA Engineer

Łukasz can not stand losing a table soccer game, then he really gets nervous.       


The job

His job brings along a lot of challenges but that's what he loves about it. He also likes the fact that he has nice colleagues and that his job allows him to work with interesting technologies in a nice environment.


His earliest computer-related memory has to be about 386DX, DOS, Norton Commander and Windows 3.1.


He considers his intelligence to be one of his strenghts.


He's the sport guy. He used to play volleyball. But now he mostly likes to swim and since about a year he started to run. He already did half a marathon!

Holiday destination

During the hollidays he just wants to go anywhere where the weather is great. Think swimming pools and sea.


They try to keep our customers happy!

Kit Teng and Sofie are in between our customers and our team, they try to keep a clear communication line open.



Kit Teng Desoete    
Project Manager    

Kit Teng has been to Gambia last summer as a accompanist for      

familiarization trip with young adults.      




She loves the fact that she gets to work with customers of divers sectors and that we make solutions that are tailored to the customer’s needs. Nothing is repetitive, making every day fresh and exciting.

Floppy disks

Her earliest memory of a computer is playing computer games that required floppy disks. Her earliest memory of ‘the internet’ is the lovely ‘music’ that played when you needed to dial in to get connected to ‘the internet’.


Working towards milestones with motivated and hardworking team members and seeing projects come to live gives me energy.


She loves, loves, loves to travel. Meeting new people, discovering new cultures and tasting local foods.

Dancing queen

Her passion is dance. Moving to the beat of music during dance class or even when she's doing the dishes at home, she would dance all day and night long if she could.




Sofie Buyck
Project Manager

Sofie ia always eager to help and there for a little chat.                                          



What she likes about her job is that no project is the same. She always gets to know new things, new people, new environments,… And every project is challenging in a certain way.


Completing a difficult task gives her energy. She loves working on some complex tasks just to have the cheerful feeling when finishing it.

Keeping up

Her biggest challenge is to keep up with all new technologies and software.

Busy girl

She's kind of a ‘busy bee’. When she is not working (read 'construction for dummies') in her house, she's busy playing with her dog and cat (can sometimes also be a challenge), meeting some friends, reading a good book, enjoying a nice dinner (self-made or on restaurant), babysitting her godchild, jogging, playing tennis, … In fact, she's always busy doing something .

Slogan for life

She sometimes even gets inspired by Disney… 'If you can dream it, you can do it'.



Coming up: Meet our Developer Team: Bruno, Marcin and Slawomir. 



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Single Sign On @ Vlerick Business School


Vlerick Business School selected Orbit One to develop a flexible and well integrated SSO solution that simplifies registration and login of website visitors, students and alumni. Social integration allows login using LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

The solution connects with Dynamics CRM and ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services).



Try it out at and click “Register” or “Sign In”.

Realizations Realizations

Op 21/08/2013 door Hannah

We sponsor 'This is IT'


Orbit One sponsors the event ‘This is IT’, an after work party on the 26th of September in Culture Club , with a special focus on ICT professionals.


DJ Davidov will take the lead this evening. He is known for his unique mixing skills and quality selection. There will also be a VIP room and a game corner where you can play Grand Theft Auto V, League of Legend,...   

Registrated ICT professionals get free entrance.


The benefits will go entirely to the University of Ghent Fund, to provide promising ICT students better access to training and technology.


We'll put a small gift in the goody bags and off course we'll be present! Join us!


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Coworking in our office in Katowice



We've started with a co-working space in our office in Katowice with a similar system as in Belgium.

OneOffice Poland offers a flexible professional and completely fully equipped office with all possible facilities like meeting and lounge rooms.


OneOffice is unique and located in a pleasant newly renovated building. With the work space, meeting and network facilities it's possible to work comfortable and appear professional to your customers and clients. Because of our One Office professionals network you can also maintain your social and professional contacts.


When you get an OneOffice membership everything is included. There aren't any additional service cost, gas, water or light bills, insurance or furniture costs. Thanks to our flexible membership possibilities you're not stuck to any rental agreements.

We offer 3 formulas in OneOffice Poland:

  • Full-time member: unlimited usage of OneOffice
  • Part-time member: 10 days a month usage of OneOffice
  • Workweek member: 5 consecutive workdays usage of OneOffice (especially for the foreign entrepreneur!)


Check out our website.


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