Meet Vincent, our newest teammember

OrbitOne-33Vincent Martroye 
Network & System Engineer

Vincent used to travel low-budget through Europe.



Getting things done

The last few years, I've been working for Infrabel (Belgian Railways). NO! The delays are not my fault! What annoyed me most is the time it takes to get something done. I hope everything will evolve a lot faster at Orbit One and its customers.

Color outside the lines

When you work in a larger company, you are not allowed to color outside the lines: you're working on Exchange, so keep your hands of "my" Active Directory. But one product doesn't function well without modifying another one. In the beginning you still have the energy to fight against that way of working, but you adapt... unfortunately!

Trail and error

What gives me energy is the appreciation you get from the customers when you get their problems solved. Problems which are new for me are the most challenging. You have to look up things, sometimes a little trial and error, but you always progress in a certain way. Learning new things every day, that's what I'm expecting from Orbit One!

Kayak sprint

My hobby is kayaking. Not the spectacular whitewater/wild water kind of kayaking, but kayak sprint. This is done on calm water, but the paddlers have to race as fast as possible to the finish line, which is 200, 500, 1000 or 5000m away. Not a very long distance, but if you want to try it... just give a shout ;-) Your biggest struggle will be to stay seated into your boat!

Changing diapers

Since the birth of our second child, my free-time has been filled with changing diapers. A nice pastime, but I'm already dreaming of spending time on my other hobbies: running, biking, hiking, IT stuff, photography, electronic devices (with a lot of buttons ;-)),...

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Op 18/12/2014 door Hannah

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

kerstkaart 2.0


December's already here. That month well known for its darker days and the approaching end of another year.

We at Orbit One, would like to wish you cosy Christmas festivities, warm New Year celebrations and a 2015 stuffed with grand plans.

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Op 03/12/2014 door Hannah

Orbit One gets press coverage



Our Dutch speaking community, must have noticed it… Orbit One recently enjoyed quit some press coverage.


First, on the occasion of our ShareCafés, we wrote the 7 ultimate examples that prove that you work according to the rules of ‘The New World of Work in Vacature’ 


One week later, we got the cover of Jobat Oost-Vlaanderen to (briefly) present our philosophy about the New World of Work, efficiency and productivity.

We could have filled some more pages, especially on our vision on videoconferencing, disconnecting and physical contact.


Are you up for it to discuss these topics? Contact us or register for our last ShareCafé of 2014.

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Op 10/11/2014 door Hannah

Our Microsoft Gold Partnership is renewed!

logo Microsoft Partnership 2014


Orbit One is once again your Microsoft Gold Partner. We're a Gold Partner in Application Development, a Silver Partner in Hosting and a Silver Partner in Collaboration and Content


That's not all!

We're still going for Silver Customer Relationship Management. And we're almost there!

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Op 13/08/2014 door Hannah

Meet Krzysztof, Kevin and Joke

Let me introduce you to our newest teammembers

Krzysztofsmall110_thumbKrzysztof Branicki
.Net Developer

Krzysztof is a Software Craftsmanship enthusiast who’s passionate about software development!



Industry gurus

To stay current he reads books, blogs, watch online lectures and attend conferences. He has a special focus on publications from industry gurus like Martin Fowler, Greg Young, Robert C. Martin or Eric Evans.

Software Craftmanship enthusiast

If he has to name one of his strengths, he would say that it’s the fact that he likes what he does professionally.

The Job

He likes about his job that he can create new solutions from scratch which requires creativity, ability to identify the problem and picking right tools and patterns for the job. If the solution that he built works and is cleanly implemented it gives him great satisfaction

Summer/winter plans

In the summer he likes to ride on his rollerblades and play tennis. In the winter he likes skiing especially giant slalom.


When he’s not working he likes to play sports/work out, read and play xbox.



KevinRsmall110b_thumb1Kevin Restiaens
Service Engineer



                            Coming straight from school, Kevin was eager to start his first job


The Job

Until the time of this writing, he loves everything. He thinks the people are great just as the place to work.


Hanging around with positive people is what gives me the power/energy to survive.

Learn every day

My biggest goal is to learn every day. Until now my goals succeeds. I hope this will continue.


First of all he likes to swim. This has been his hobby for 15 years and it still is. Besides swimming he loves to go to the gym

Slogan for life

You are the creator of your own destiny









Jokeb_thumb1Joke Van Hamme 
Project Manager  

Joke likes no-nonsense project management with enough room for the experts to ‘do their thing’.


The Job

She likes the combination of working with our team and working with customers. It’s always nice to notice, at the end of a project, that you really delivered great stuff as a team. On top of it, she also likes the fact that, no matter who she is talking to, they can always teach her something ‘technical’.

IT class

The IT classes at school where they learned how to ‘program’ movements of a car is her earliest memory of a computer.

Feel good

She gets her energy from working with a motivated team… the fact that they all go for the same goals and do whatever it takes.


When she was asked ‘What distinguishes you from other people (eg left-handed)’? Her answer was: “Actually, I am left-handed…”

Sweet pie

In her free time she loves trail running, crossfit and hot yoga and baking all kinds of pies.

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Op 08/08/2014 door Hannah