Does Umbraco really love Windows Azure?

We've been working on a big project involving Umbraco and Azure these past 6 months. On the website is written that Umbraco works flawlessly on Azure - "Umbraco Loves Microsoft Azure" they say. Is this the really the case? Let's check! Requirements When designing solutions for Azure, first thing that needs to be taken into account is ... [More]

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Op 26/02/2015 door Mariusz

Orbit One and EURELECTRIC: the story continues

EURELECTRIC is the voice of the electricity industry in Europe. They represent the power sector in over 30 European countries, speaking for more than 3,500 companies in power generation, distribution, and supply. They also have affiliates and associates on several other continents. They stand for carbon-neutral electricity by 2050, competitive elec... [More]

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Op 07/08/2014 door Nicolas Van Geluwe

Every year, Recytyre has 80,000 tons of tyres processed with minimal administration

  Recytyre, the non-profit organisation responsible for processing car tyres, manages the collection and recycling of used car tyres in Belgium. Dozens of transporters and processors handle 300 tons of tyres every day. Recytyre is responsible for inspection and the correct payment of the services provided.   The organisation uses an on... [More]

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Op 09/05/2014 door Olivier

The deSingel website is always up-to-date through smart internal planning.

      The deSingel international arts centre in Antwerp is a platform where contemporary arts, in particular theatre, dance, music and architecture, can be represented and created. Orbit One has been the IT partner of deSingel for many years and this partnership has resulted in several nice projects such as the deSingel websit... [More]

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Op 08/04/2014 door Ineke

Umbraco v6: Features of the new Contentservice API

The new ContentService gives developers the power to manipulate website content in any way possible. It can be used to manage pages, write importers and exporters, upload and publish content and much more. It's a part of Umbraco v6 and brings added value in terms of performance (This means smaller load times) and also faster development (because of the more readable and compact code). [More]

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Op 26/09/2013 door Demian