Custom development in Lync 2013

Most people think of Lync as an instant messages communicator that allows you to make some calls. But today, Lync is so much more. Off course you can send IM, do group chats or make (video) calls, but now you can also connect the Lync Server to your phone line and infrastructure and then it becomes a super-efficient communication and collaboration ... [More]

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Op 25/07/2013 door Wojciech Poniatowski

Presentation of the CRM Dashboard for Lync Widget @ Microsoft Webcafé in Bruges

On Thursday evening 1/3 some colleagues of Orbit One spent a nice evening at the Microsoft Webcafé in Bruges. While Voicu and I took care of the presentation of the CRM Dashboard for Lync widget, Rik and Wim took care of moral support… After some initial trouble with the technical environment, Voicu presented the widget to several pe... [More]

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Op 15/03/2012 door Orbit One

Lync Presence Widget

Thanks for the great LyncPresence service you wrote; it took me about a day to get it deployed and integrate it with our interactive floor plan/searchable employee directory (and changed the chat link to an im: link so it launches the Lync client instead of your chat app), and got the status image to always pull from the user’s Lync photo in ... [More]

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Op 22/02/2012 door Orbit One

Dynamics CRM Dashboard for Microsoft Lync

Interview with Voicu Matei. An: What is Dynamics CRM Dashboard for MS Lync? Voicu: In short, where Dynamics CRM focuses on managing the contacts and sales leads of your organization and Lync is used for communicating with those contacts,  Dynamics CRM Dashboard for Lync is an add-on that makes both applications seamlessly communicate between... [More]

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Op 24/01/2012 door Orbit One

Interview: Employees find the right information more quickly and work together more effectively

Challenge To facilitate mutual collaboration among its various offices, the ITUC looked for a way to manage its infor-mation more effectively, exchange data more efficient-ly, and find documents more quickly. The solution had to be reasonably priced and easy to integrate within the existing IT infrastructure.   Solution ICT partner Orbit O... [More]

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Op 14/11/2011 door Orbit One