Bare-Metal boot Windows 7 from VHD

Everyone knows that you can install Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 on a VHD instead of a real disk partition, Hyper-V is the biggest example of this, but thanks to Eric Denekamp, I recently learned that you can even Bare-Metal a new computer from a VHD file. So if you just got a new computer or server, you can even install your Windows 7 on a ... [More]

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SharePoint 2010: transparent login with mixed authentication

Authentication in SharePoint 2007 In SharePoint 2007 it was possible to enable forms based authentication next to windows authentication only by extending a web application and basically running two separate applications on the same content database. side from the problems with forms based authentication in SharePoint 2007, there were also some u... [More]

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Opening .msg files in Outlook from SharePoint 2010

Since we started using SharePoint 2010 we had trouble using it to store .msg (Outlook message format) in document libraries. You can easily save your email from Outlook to a SharePoint location but opening it always gave a prompt dialog to save or cancel, not to open. So you were forced to store the email locally and then open it. Needless to say ... [More]

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SharePoint 2010 mixed Authentication

We have deployed several intranet/extranet applications on SharePoint 2007 that required a mixed authentication scheme. Windows Integrated authentication for domain user and forms based authentication for extranet users. In SharePoint 2007 this was possible by extending a web application and using different authentication schemes for the different... [More]

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SharePoint 2010: Term store and other metadata enhancements

The long expected successor of MOSS 2007, SharePoint 2010 will launch on May 12. We are all very excited about this! The last couple of months we have been working with the new version and we would like to give you an overview of the key new features regarding metadata and classification. In the coming weeks we will dive deeper into other aspects ... [More]

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