Using Lync to achieve your servicedesk SLA’s

Improve your first reply time and your customer satisfaction! Is your team having troubles achieving the Service Level Agreement (= SLA) targets concerning first reply time? Do you want to improve your customer satisfaction? Then you’ve come to the right place! Customers expect everything to go faster and faster. Not only the quality of the ... [More]

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Op 07/01/2015 door Maarten

Simple.Data access to your data

  While creating simple Proof-of-Concept projects we often need to access different data stores. We don't need any sophisticated frameworks to do the job, because we want to do this fast :-) . There is a very interesting, convenient and simple way to do this: open-sourced Simple.Data framework!“Simple.Data is a lightweight fra... [More]

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Op 17/05/2014 door Slawomir

How to run old ASP.NET applications on new IE Browsers?

The Problem Do you have the problem that your ASP.NET web application works well on Chrome, Opera and Safari but doesn’t work on IE 10/11 and some versions of Firefox? That’s probably due to a bug within the browser definition files in the .NET 2 and .NET 4 Frameworks. ASP.NET sees those browsers as unknown and doesn’t support fe... [More]

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Op 16/05/2014 door Robert


The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) represents more than 300 trade unions from 155 coun-tries, defending the interests of 176 million blue-collar and white-collar workers. With its headquarters in Brus-sels, the ITUC has offices all over the world.   website:   Interview: Medewerkers ITUC commun... [More]

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Op 22/11/2013 door Orbit One


As ‘the external ICT department for SMEs’, Aurelium provides the knowledge, availability, technology and organisation that enable SMEs to employ their ICT infrastructure as a competitive advantage.     Website:       Aurelium and Orbit One have several customers in common: Aurelium takes ... [More]

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Op 12/11/2013 door Orbit One